Organisation and Sponsors


Bobby Godsell
James Motlatsi


Niks Lesufi — Chamber of Mines
Senzeni Zokwana — National Union of Mineworkers


Prof Phil Bonner (University of the Witwatersrand)
Prof Peter Alexander (University of Johannesburg)

Steering Committee

Prof. Peter Alexander — Chair in Social Change, UJ
Dr. Carl Beaumont — School of Mining Engineering, Wits
Prof. Nic Beukes — Geology Department, UJ
Prof. Phil Bonner — Chair in Local History, Wits
Prof. Bruce Cairncross — Geology Department, UJ
David Cooper — TEBA Development
Julie Dixon — Southern African Institute of Mining
Mr Bobby Godsell
Prof. May Hermanus — Centre for Sustainability in Mining, Wits
Jeanette Hofsajer - Van Wyk — Chamber of Mines
Katherine James — Museum Africa
Prof. Elaine Katz — History Department, Wits
Thomas Ketsise — National Union of Mine Workers
Prof. Cynthia Kros — School of Arts, Wits
Niks Lesufi — Chamber of Mines
Eddie Majadibodu — National Union of Mine Workers
Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala — Faculty of Engineering, UJ
Prof. Terence McCarthy — School of Geosciences, Wits
Rita Ndlhovu — National Union of Mine Workers
Dr Dhiraj Nite — Chair in Social Change, UJ
Caroline O'Reilly — TEBA Development
Simon Orchardson — Association of Mine Managers
Alan Smith — TEBA
Dr Craig Smith — Geological Association of South Africa
Prof. Roger Southall — Sociology Department and SWOP, Wits
Paul Stewart — Sociology Department, Wits

International Advisory Committee

Prof. Kojo Opoku Aidoo — Ghana
Prof. Peter Alexander — South Africa
Prof. Stefan Berger — Germany
Prof. Carolyn Brown — USA
Prof. Roger Burt — United Kingdom
Prof. Peter Claughton — United Kingdom
Prof. Mel Davies — Australia
Prof. Bill Freund — South Africa
Prof. Elizabeth (Betsy) Jameson — Canada
Prof. Arn Keeling — Canada
Prof. Norikazu Kudo — Japan
Prof. Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt — Australia
Prof. Miles Larmer — United Kingdom
Prof. Jock McCulloch — Australia
Prof. Laurie Mercier — USA
Prof. Dunbar Moodie — USA
Prof. Jeremy Mouat — Canada
Prof. Eric Nystrom — USA
Prof. Ian Phimister — United Kingdom
Prof. Adhibatla Santharam — India
Prof. Alma Para — Mexico

Scientific Committee

Prof. Phil Bonner - Chair in Local History, Wits
Dr Dhiraj Nite - Chair in Social Change, UJ
Paul Stewart - Sociology, Wits
Craig Smith - The Geological Society of South Africa


Chair in Social Change, University of Johannesburg
Chair in Local History, University of the Witwatersrand
Chamber of Mines
National Union of Mineworkers
Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg
Department of Science and Technology
National Research Foundation


Early bird registration closes:
15 December 2011

Submission of abstracts deadline:
30 November 2011

Standard Registration closes:
15 February 2012

Submission of full text papers deadline:
31 March 2012

Late registration:
31 March 2012