Abstracts and Papers


Ahmad, Nesar Dr

Pushed to the Margin: Women Workers in Indian Coal Mining Industry

Budget Analysis Rajasthan Centre - India

Akiwumi, Fenda

Strangers, Indigenous Land Rights and Conflict in African Mining Areas

University of South Florida - United States of America

Al-Farraj, Abdullah Dr

Standards for Assessment of Soil Contaminated by Heavy Metals, Saudi Arabia

King Saud University - Saudi Arabia

Anhaeusser, Carl R.

The history of mining in the Barberton greenstone belt

Economic Geology Research Institute, University of Witwatersrand - South Africa


Baartjies JC and NL

Mineral-based Rural Development in South Africa

Eco Partners(Resource Consultants) - South Africa


Baartjies NL and Gouden, KG

Causes of Mine Decline in South Africa

Eco Partners (Resource Consultants) - South Africa


Benya, Asanda

Women in mining: Reproducing Labour in Mines

Wits University - South Africa

Bonner Phil Prof

Paper submission only.

University of Witwatersrand, South Africa


Botiveau, Raphaël

Negotiating South Africa's transformation: the case of the National Union of Mineworkers and the mining industry after apartheid

Université Paris - France

Cairncross, Bruce

The Okiep copper district, Namaqualand: European's earliest mining efforts in South Africa.

Dept of Geology, University of Johannesburg - South Africa


Capps, Gavin Dr

Victim of its Own Success? The Platinum Mining Industry and the Apartheid Mineral Property System in South Africa's Political Transition

University of Cape Town - South Africa

Chinguno, Crispen

Continuities and discontinuities in repertoires of strike violence in post-apartheid South Africa: Cases from Rustenburg platinum mines.

University of Wits - South Africa

Chirikure, Shadreck Prof

Mining and metallurgy through the Ages: Mapungubwe as a case study

University of Cape Town - South Africa

Cooper, David Mr

Community Development and the Mining Industry

South Africa

Critchley, Martin Dr

A focus on Mining Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Ireland.

Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland - Ireland

Dube, R K Prof

Alluvial Placer Gold Mining In India Through Ages: A Historical Perspective

Indian Institute of Technology - India


Durrheim, Ray Prof

Rockbursts in South African mines: risks, research, remedies and regulation

University of Wits - South Africa


Dzivenu, Togbiga Dr

Small-Scale Mining and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: Ghana's Experience

University for Development Studies - Ghana

Eklund, Erik Prof

Community Formation in Australian Mining Towns, 1880 to 1980

Monash University - Australia


Filitz, John

Mining for Development? A Socio-Ecological Study on the Witbank Coalfield,' submitted (Nov 2011) in partial fulfilment for the degree of Masters in Development Studies

University of KwaZulu Natal - South Africa


May, Hermanus Prof

Structuring Regulator Training

University of Witwatersrand - South Africa

Jackson, Norman W. Mr

Hartley Colliery Tragedy

N W Jackson International Management and Mining Consultant - United Kingdom


Jain, Manish Kumar Dr

Assessment of Status of Underground Fire around a coke plant in Jharia Coalfields, India

Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad - India

Janisch, Peter

The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: 100 years of deep level mining technology

South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy - South Africa


Katz, N Elaine Prof

Violence and the 1913 general strike on the Witwatersrand

University of Wits - South Africa

Kritzinger, Ann Ms

Laboratory Analysis Reveals Direct Evidence of Precolonial Gold Recovery in the Archaeology of Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands

Zimbabwe Geological Survey - Zimbabwe


Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala Dr

Same and Equal or Different and Equal? Continuing the Debate on Gender and Labour in Indian Collieries

The Australian National University - Australia

Larmer , Miles Dr

Populist Politics amidst Mining Booms and Busts in Post-colonial Zambia

University of Sheffield - United Kingdom

Leeuw, Paseka Mr

The Mineral-Based Research Model for South Africa

University of Wits - South Africa


Manson, Andrew

Mining and Local Black Communities in the North-West Province, South Africa, c.1995-2010. Contestations Over. Land, Power and Assets.

School of Research and Post-Graduate Studies - South Africa

Mates, Lewis Mr

Rank-and-file movements and political change in the Durham coalfield, 1910-1914'

Durham University - United Kingdom


McCandless, Robert

Forensic History: Ending Pollution at Canada's Britannia Mine

Retired - Canada


McGill, Jeannette Dr

The History of Women in Mining: Facts and Figures

CSIR - South Africa

McQueen, Ken Dr

Early Developments in Treating Pyritic Gold Ores: The Australian Perspective

University of Canberra - Australia


Mercier, Laurie Prof

Contesting Gendered Borders and Boundaries in Western North America Mining Unions

Washington State University of Vancouver - United States of America

Moodie, Dunbar Prof

Transforming Relations of and in Production: Technology, Power, Productivity and Social Interaction in the Course of South African Gold Mining History Over the Twentieth Century.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva - United States of America


Moodliar, Sayuri

The evolution of judicial responses to mineworkers' claims for health damages: a comparative review

Uthlanga Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Mouat, Jeremy Prof

Herbert Hoover and the Burma Mines

University of Alberta - Canada

Musemwa, Mucha

Miner-Farmer Struggles And The Rise Of Conservation Practices In Colonial Zimbabwe, 1940-1961

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa


Mususa, Patience

A New Broom Sweeps Zambia: Implications for the informal copper business

University of Cape Town - South Africa

Naanen, Ben Prof

Private Gain, Community Loss: Economic and Environmental Arguments about Illegal Oil Bunkering and Artisanal Refining in Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt - Nigeria

Narayanan, Pavithra Prof

This Land is Mine: Adivasi Resistance in Kerala and Chhattisgarh (India) against corporations and governments

Washington State University of Vancouver - United States of America

Nite, Dhiraj Kumar Dr

Managing The Mines: Production Rationale of The Entrepreneurs in Jharia Coalfields 1890s - 1960s

University of Johannesburg - India, South Africa

Nkosi, Morley Dr

"American Mining Engineers in the Kimberley and Witwatersrand Mines circa the turn of the 20th Century"

Chamber of Mines - South Africa


Oerters, Kathrin Ms

Industrial Heritage Preservation in the Ruhr Region of Germany

Ruhr-University Bochum - Germany

Ofosu-Mensah Ababio, Emmanuel Mr

Gold Mining and the Development of Obuasi in Adanse

University of Ghana - Ghana


Perks, Rachel Ms

Digging into the past: Rwanda's pursuit for a domestic mineral economy

University of Reading - South Africa


Phakathi, Sizwe Timothy Dr

"Getting on and Getting by": The Gold Miners' Informal Working Practice of Making a Plan (PLANISA)

Chamber of Mines - South Africa


Phimister, Ian Prof

Shares, Shafts and Scoundrels: the Early Financial History of the Witwatersrand Gold Mining Industry

University of Sheffield - United Kingdom

Reddy, Micah Ms

Tswana Mineworkers, Industrial Unrest and 'Worker Consciousness' on the Platinum Mines of Bophuthatswana in the early 1990s

University of Wits - South Africa

Reichardt, Markus

A History of Mine Wastes Rehabilitation Techniques in South Africa: a multi-disciplinary survey of rehabilitation techniques and the non-scientific drivers for their implementation 1950s - 1991

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa


Sandon, Emma Dr

Mining History & Mining Film Archive

University of London - United Kingdom


Schwartz, Sharron Dr

The ‘light infantry of capital’: The migration of miners from south west Britain to Latin America in the early nineteenth century and the rise of the modern global mining economy

University of Glamoragan - Ireland


Steenkamp NC, Clark-Mostert V

Inferred Historic Gold Mining Approaches, Giyani Greenstone Belt, South Africa

TWP Projects - South Africa


Steenkamp NC, Clark-Mostert V

The Impact of Illegal Miners at Historic Gold Mine Locations, Giyani Greenstone Belt, South Africa

TWP Projects - South Africa


Stewart, Paul Mr

'Wages are but the Expression of Time'': The Foundational Role of Labour Time in Gold Mines: 1886-2006

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa


Thornton, Robert Mr

Pre-colonial mining in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, South Africa: The evidence

University of Witwatersrand - South Africa

Timberlake, Simon Dr

Archaeological discoveries of prehistoric mines in Britain

University of Cambridge - United Kingdom

Unite, Jeannette Ms

Paradox of plenty: Artists Visual Response to the Industrial Landscape

University of Cape Town - South Africa

Viljoen, Morris

Geological origins, Birth, Life and Revival of the Central Rand Goldfield

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa

Viljoen, Morris

Environmental Impacts after 124 years of mining on the Witwatersrand Goldfields of the Egoli Region

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa

Visser, Wessel

Re-visiting the South African Mine Workers' Union - A significant factor of South African mining history

University of Stellenbosch - South Africa

Wrigley Chris Prof

Paper submission only.

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


Wermuth, Ivan Mr

The practical and personnel challenges in deep mining: 1933.

School of Mines Johannesburg - South Africa